About Us!

I have been a practicing witch for almost my entire life, born into a family of witches. My mother encouraged me to follow whatever path called to me, it just so happened that the spiritual is where I found myself. My mother is a High Priestess, with her, my sister, and my coven, we have helped spread kindness and love to as many around us as we possibly can.

When I was still in school, my mother and I started to dabble in jewelry making, that quickly whirlwind into us joining Witch Festivals and online shops to sell our wares and meet new people. Now here I am, with my own shop, hoping to find like-minded people obsessed with rocks, bones, bottles, and jewels as I have been ever since my grandmother first showed me her rock collection!


Everything is made with love, good intentions, and my antidepressants coursing through my system. 

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