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Druidic Focus Coyote Bone Altar Wand

Druidic Focus Coyote Bone Altar Wand

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Looking for a special gift for the druid in your life (or yourself!)? Look no further than the Druidic Focus Altar Wand! Made with pagan and druidic principles in mind, this altar wand is perfect for anyone who is interested in connecting with nature. The coyote bone with crystal and leather accents add a touch of magic, while the gold or silver charms add a touch of glamour. The runes on the wand are tea stained, and said to bring good luck, protection, and power, so this is a perfect gift for anyone who is looking to manifest their dreams.

Made with ethically sourced Coyote Bone, hand carved by a witch who works with coyote spirit. We ask that you show respect to the animal from where this bone was received.

Made in collaboration with @sugarbeerpg
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